Email/ Email Forwarding Service

We will set you up with an email address
in the format YourChoice@xmailpro.net

For only $10 per year per email address.
Additional Addresses available at reduced and
quantity-discounted prices.


Why set up an added account?

  • PROTECT / HIDE your 'primary' email address
  • Use as a 'disposable' email address
  • If you start getting too much SPAM/Junk email, we can delete or turn off the added account and make a new one on xMailPro.
  • Set up as a 'client' email address in Outlook or other mail reader - you can send/receive mail to multiple accounts in Outlook and other popular email programes (not required)
  • Check your email anywhere by using the web interface (not available for an email Forward-only account)
  • Set up to Forward email to multiple accounts (several included in initial set up if wanted.)
  • All the above

Available Configurations

1. FORWARD - email address set up to Forward all mail to any 'target' email address you specify.

  • No need to set up an account in your email (client) program, such as Outlook
  • A 'Reply' will come from the 'target' account (NOT the xMailPro account)

2. MAILBOX - email addres set up as a regular Mailbox - works just like (and with) your primary email account(s)

  • Will need to set up the new account on your email (client) program, such as Outlook (easy to do)
    unless you wish to access your mail from a web-based access interface only.
  • A 'Reply' will show to come from the xMailPro account.
  • Can access your mail anywhere with a web interface (we will supply you with logon instructions)
  • We will provide instructions for setting up a new account in Outlook - applies to most email client programs.

To set up an automatic email Forward and/or Mailbox
contact info@xMailPro.net

We are not an internet service provider.

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